Tony Stark (Iron Man) (8/9)

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Give me a chance to introduce this by saying that Tony Stark wouldn’t stand a possibility running toe to toe with Thanos while wearing one of his run of the mill shielded suits. Indeed, even without the Infinity Stones, Thanos is one of the most grounded creatures in the universe, and he could undoubtedly tear separated Tony’s trademark weapons. The main reason Iron Man is being incorporated on this rundown is on the off chance that one of two situations occur in Avengers: Infinity War. The first is if amid the motion picture, Tony goes over some sort of outsider innovation that is ready to support one of his suit’s capacity to levels that couldn’t have been come to utilizing front line Earth innovation. The second, and more favored situation, is if Tony is some way or another ready to control one of the Infinity Stones and utilize its capacity against Thanos. On the off chance that neither of those things occur, at that point chances are to a great degree thin that Tony will be the one to murder the Mad Titan.

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