Thanos Himself (4/9)


There are two principle ways this thought could be taken a gander at with respect to Thanos. The first is the conventional methodology where the scoundrel is in charge of their own death, normally through pomposity or being misdirected by the story’s hero. Be that as it may, the second choice is unmistakably intriguing, and it’s centered around Thanos’ fixation on Death. Like his comic book partner, it’s inferred that MCU’s Thanos will attempt to court the exemplification of Death, despite the fact that it’s hazy whether this be an element we haven’t met yet or if this establishment is utilizing Cate Blanchett’s Hela (the Norse goddess of death) as a substitute. In any case, if the Infinity Gauntlet story is being utilized for motivation, at that point the Mad Titan will search out the Infinity Stones to wipe out billions of creatures so he can demonstrate his adoration to Death. Perhaps before he can do that, or after such changes to reality have been returned, he’ll be placed in a circumstance where he enthusiastically acknowledges Death’s chilly grasp, in this way satisfying his long-held want and consummation his rule of dread.

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