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Russia is the biggest nation on the planet by region, totally covering Northern Asia and the lion’s share of Eastern Europe. It has one of the biggest economies on the planet, managed by the broad characteristic assets in the nation. It is a world pioneer with regards to oil and flammable gas saves.

A changeless individual from the United Nations Security Council, Russia has a standout amongst the most intense militaries on the planet. The nation is home to the biggest store of atomic weapons with around 7,000 atomic warheads. The manner in which the Russian government has sent its military as of late has gotten universal feedback, in any case. Most remarkably, Russia got a ton of fire for its job in the Ukraine strife.

With a political impact matching that of the US, Russia has solid relations with numerous nations, most particularly China. Driven by President Vladimir Putin, Russia has an extremely capable, yet questionable, government. Very few individuals may concur with how Putin runs the nation. Be that as it may, with regards to results, the prevalent world pioneer certainly conveys for his nation.

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