Nebula (5/9)


Like Gamora, Nebula was brought up as Thanos’ little girl, but since she lost a significant number of the difficulties that he put his “children” through, she persevered through more maltreatment and torment from. Following Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Nebula and Gamora appear to have repaired their relationship, yet now the majority of Nebula’s contempt is coordinated towards Thanos. The main reason she didn’t for all time join the Guardians of the Galaxy is on the grounds that she’s resolved to kill the Mad Titan. Having both of Thanos’ girls slaughter him would fit, however Nebula is all the more meriting the open door given that Thanos manhandled her, as well as supplanted the vast majority of her body parts to make her “better.” Watching her dispense requital would be tremendously fulfilling. It’s additionally important that in The Infinity Gauntlet, Nebula assumed a basic job in fixing all the harm Thanos caused. Possibly the motion picture can pursue a comparable way by having her be the one to dispose of him.

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