Loki (6/9)

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Loki hit a partnership with Thanos in The Avengers, however the God of Mischief neglected to keep up his finish of the deal when he didn’t restore the Tesseract to the Mad Titan. It’s not Loki’s blame, a group of superheroes got in his direction! In any case, quite a long while have gone since the Battle of New York, and we wouldn’t be astonished if Loki still holds resentment against Thanos for abandoning him. It’s vague if Loki will improve in Thor: Ragnarok, yet regardless of whether he doesn’t, you can wager that if sees a chance to execute Thanos, he’ll take it. Loki isn’t physically forcing, so in an immediate clash with Thanos, he’d almost certainly lose. In any case, the reason Loki is one of the MCU’s most unsafe miscreants is a direct result of his hallucinations and conspiring mind. On the off chance that he slaughters Thanos, it will be through one of his “traps,” and the Mad Titan may not kick the bucket understanding that Loki was the person who killed him.

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