France (6/10)

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In addition to the fact that france is one of the best 10 most intense nations, it is likewise one of the best 10 nations with the most ground-breaking atomic weapons, handling an announced atomic warhead check of around 300. It is an authority atomic weapon state and fields a standout amongst the most fit militaries on the planet.

Situated in western Europe directly beneath the UK, France has one of the biggest economies on the planet, trailing just a couple of other world powers, for example, the US, China, and Japan. A lasting individual from the United Nations Security Council, France has exceptionally solid universal unions and is consistently engaged with issues concerning worldwide security and other global issues.

Thought about one of the greatest players in the form business, France has had tremendous commitments in the design world and is home to various eminent mold houses, for example, Chanel, Givenchy, and Yves Saint Laurent. The social impact of France is something that can never be precisely measured.

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