Doctor Strange (9/9)

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In contrast to the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, Stephen Strange bridles enchantment to protect our world, so perhaps enchantment is the way to ceasing Thanos for the last time. The Infinity Stones are ostensibly the most intense inestimable powers in the world, yet with the correct spells and system, Doctor Strange could possibly overwhelm Thanos. Spell-throwing is precarious, yet given what Doctor Strange could achieve in his first film, and all the additional experience he’ll have picked up among at that point and Infinity War, he could be capable. In case enchantment isn’t sufficient, keep in mind that Strange additionally has encounter employing the Time Stone. So regardless of whether Thanos gets his hands on a portion of the other Infinity Stones, possibly the divination/Time Stone mix could give Strange favorable position.

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